Friday, August 26, 2011

Do Your thing.

851. loooong weekend ahead
852. will spend time with God this weekend
853. super accomplished week
854. libreng suha na hinati sa lima :D
855. God knows best
Maaga dapat ako uuwi ngayon kasi may retreat kami at ako ang first speaker! Pero andito pa din ako sa office dahil may inaantay akong file na kailangan ng boss ko. I've been waiting for an hour pero wala pa din. Pero naalala ko na wala pa pala ako powerpoint presentation for my talk later! So nagawa ko na habang nag-aantay. In times like this, all I can do is wait and let God do His thing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mark His Word. (Genesis 9)


Today, I didn't hear myself say, "Natatakot ako!" 

847. lunch with Donna
848. retreat team meeting
849. dinner with SFC friends
850. Totskie baguette success

This is the 1st time he baked a baguette, and it was an instant success! yummmeee! :D

Monday, August 22, 2011

With God on our side like this, how can we lose?*

841. new blog entry for THE CUPCAKE FACTORY (i almost forgot i've got another blog :D)
842. new violet bike (no pink bike available)
843. uber productive Monday
844. my boss is finally back (she was sick for 2 weeks)
845. creativity (i started my doodling book today)

*Romans 8:32

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love demands growth.

836. Alika walked 3 steps on her own :D
837. picnic at freedom park with my nieces

838. saw Ate Grace and gab at the park

839. movie marathon with Totskie
840. Alika already knows how to give goodbye kisses :*

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I can't lose.*

831. Ate Rinda (it's her birthday today!)
832. I was able to jog again today after so many weeks
833. Momsi's revel bars, so yummeee!
834. new dreams :)
835. friends passed physician board exam

*“So how am I to respond? I've decided that I really don't care about their motives, whether mixed, bad, or indifferent. Every time one of them opens his mouth, Christ is proclaimed, so I just cheer them on! And I'm going to keep that celebration going because I know how it's going to turn out. Through your faithful prayers and the generous response of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, everything he wants to do in and through me will be done. I can hardly wait to continue on my course. I don't expect to be embarrassed in the least. On the contrary, everything happening to me in this jail only serves to make Christ more accurately known, regardless of whether I live or die. They didn't shut me up; they gave me a pulpit! Alive, I'm Christ's messenger; dead, I'm his bounty. Life versus even more life! I can't lose.” Philippians 1:21 MSG

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's what God says about you that makes the difference.*

826. lunch and laughters with Cha
827. inalok ako ni Ate guard ng lunch
828. PC suite for my cellphone
829. sipag mode sa office
830. sisterhood with Ishi
*2 Corinthians 10:17-18 MSG

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brag about God's love.

821. Totskie's surprise
822. Totskie's words of encouragement
823. Totskie gives me time to be alone
824. Totskie's dreams for us
825. Totskie :D
our first year together at EK

YFC days

1st Valentine's day together at St. Jude Hosp.

my grad day

last YFC ILC we attended

last ILC pa din

it's Your birthday, JC 

Dinner with mom at Arabella

Christmas at K Cafe

when we were "just friends" :D
All photos are from Friendster.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Got to find my corner of the sky

816. Alika's first birthday

Alika had fever this morning until the hour before her birthday party. I felt sad because she was not her usual jolly self. But on our way to Max's, she was giggling and playing in the car! Praise God for healing her!:D We are so tired but our joy is overflowing because of this very lovely girl.

817. Kuya celebrated her birthday in Riyadh

On the other side of Asia, Alika's dad is also celebrating her daughter's birthday! How sweet of him to print her pic and ask his friends to hold his greeting...Alika was smiling while looking at his daddy's surprise posted on Facebook. 

818. Sweet Dianne and her brother (they were Alika's guest in her party)

819. "Got to find my corner of the sky"

Mateo Guidicelli sang this song in Vice Ganda's show. I love musical plays!

820. Alika's giggles=heaven

Friday, August 12, 2011

I am His.

811. opportunities for Totskie
812. God held me tight this afternoon while doing our newsletter (imagine having headache and stomach upset at the same time)
813. candy on my drawer (that I didn't knew was there for the longest time) took away my nausea
814. Katinko, my wonder drug (said ang isang lalagyan today)

815. dreams

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm single-minded in pursuit of you.*

806. e-mail exchanges with Ma'am Samson, my most favorite teacher in the whole wide world!
She's now enjoying life in Maryland.:)
807. finished 9 articles for the CBU
808. chikahan with mother sa veranda while staring at the night sky
809. me time
810. new hairdo on Saturday

*How can a young person live a clean life? By carefully reading the map of your Word. I'm single-minded in pursuit of you; don't let me miss the road signs you've posted. I've banked your promises in the vault of my heart so I won't sin myself bankrupt. Be blessed, God; train me in your ways of wise living. I'll transfer to my lips all the counsel that comes from your mouth; I delight far more in what you tell me about living than in gathering a pile of riches. I ponder every morsel of wisdom from you, I attentively watch how you've done it. I relish everything you've told me of life, I won't forget a word of it. Psalm 119:14

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

God equips.

801. Last Saturday morning, Fei-fei looked at my room's ceiling and noticed the intersecting lines forming a cross. Sabi n'ya, "Tita, andito pala si Lord eh...laging andito si Lord...papagalingin ka ni Lord." Kaya magaling na ko. God is always here beside me.:D

802. Alika had her photoshoot with Kuya EJ for her first birthday. She's the cutest!!! 

803. Jollibee gave me two free burgers because they missed one extra rice in the delivery.:D

804. Teacher Jean talked about grace with a smile on her face when I visited her mother's wake.

805. I was able to chat with Donna this afternoon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Lord will go BEFORE you...*

so many delayed posts, I know...been busy catching up with work after vacation, then I got sick. But thank God it was not Dengue or Typhoid Fever (791) kahit na pinapak kami ng lamok sa Crocodile Farm.:/

Kahit nahilo ako after the "blood compact" in LBDH eh nakapagpamanicure/pedicure pa  (792) while waiting for the results. hehe.

Had dinner last Saturday with my bestest best friend, Ching (793). Totskie cooked Carbonara for us  (794) at Ching's place. 

While waiting for Ching at Edsa Shang, I found my dream pillow (795). I missed having sweet dreams lately because my pillow was too high.
I don't have fever anymore (796), thank God for being my Healer (797) , and for His instruments called antibiotics (798), paracetamols (799) , and Totskie (800).

*Deut 31:3

Friday, August 5, 2011

Strip down, start running, and never quit.*

786. Palawan getaway 
dinner at Kinabuch's
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

Honda Bay
787. Augusta Lofts=bahay-bahayan experience with SFC friends

 788. Tito Jess and Tita Baby, owners of the loft. They were very hospitable.

789. no calls from the office while on leave

790. everything seems brand new after vacation

* Hebrews 12:1