Thursday, September 1, 2011

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

This was my theme song last week. I even doodled it on my notebook. I just started singing it to make my day brighter and lighter and of course, more focused on my Source of joy.

Then I attended and served in a retreat/mission training. The rain was pouring hard most of the time but still all our activities pushed through and I was affirmed by the life stories of the people around me there. On the last praisefest, I couldn't stop my tears from falling. That was the time when I realized how much I missed serving God through the ministry that helped me grow as a Christian. For the passed months, I only attended and served when it was convenient for me. I had all excuses in mind like I'll spend time with my family or I'll finish articles/publications but I knew in my heart I was depriving God of my time and abilities. With all those reasons which I wanted to bring light into my life, it is only God that fills me up. He is My sunshine and no one else.

856. opportunity to serve my ministry again
857. healing comes everyday
858. my new angel, Princess

859. sinigang na corned beef success story
860. late night kwentuhan with oti
861. family day at nuvali

862. instant reunion with yfc friends during chanot's despedida

863. majo <3 mark
864. mahabang tulog...Zzzz
865. Templeton proposal is finally submitted!


  1. hihi pareho kayo ni patty, oti! bakit mukang aburido si fei sa pichur? =P

  2. haha eyna yun din ang napansin ko, aburido si feifei

  3. kasi naman di cya nakasakay ng motor boat...1 hour kasi ang waiting time. hehe.