Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Big Blessing No.2: Another Year for My Lolo

We visit him every December in Nueva Vizcaya. Last year, we left NV while he was in the hospital. From that moment on, I stopped pleading God to give him more years to live. I accepted the painful fact that he might leave us soon.

But today, exactly one year since we left, I am sitting beside Lolo while he's eating his snack. My heart overflows with gratefulness because I still have him. He continues to inspire me about life even without saying words that I could clearly understand. The lines on his face manifest both suffering and success. Even in regular bouts of dementia, he never fails to acknowledge God's grace and I quote, "Sa awa ng Diyos ay buhay pa din."

He is now sipping Coke like a young man and munching walnut meringue marvels, which I baked for him. This is another memory to keep until I see him again next year.

I love my lolo so much. No words could explain how I've grown to love him like this. Happy 94th birthday, Lolo!