Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Peace is a gift.

131. Booked ticket to Phuket c/o ISAAA!:D See you soooooon Thailand!

132. Our latest product: Russian Tea Cake

133. Tsinelas biznez for Karen. Bili na kayo!!!

134. Household activity: redefining our self-portrait. This filled our love tanks to the brim!

135. Kuya tryke driver na nakalimutan ko pangalan. Siya ang favorite kong tryke driver dito sa Maahas kasi lagi siya nakasmile tapos ang linis ng tryke n'ya. At ang sipag kasi pag gabi na ako nauwi for sure siya na lang ang naiwan sa pila sa gate ng IRRI. Kapag iba ang sasakyan ko sa pila, sinasabihan na n'ya kung saan ako ihahatid. Tpos kagabi, nakita ko siya sa pila ng tryke sa kanto ng Maahas. Binati n'ya ko at nagulat ako kasi kayod pa din siya ng ganung time. Tinanong ko siya kung may anak na ba siya kaya siya todo kayod. Sabi n'ya siya daw kasi yung nagbibigay ng allowance sa bunsong kapatid n'ya. Ang sweet naman ni Kuya talaga.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Run to get the prize.*

126. Sunday picnic with family. :D


127. Singing for the mass and listening to an inspiring sermon. God spoke wonders to my heart.

128. Successful extraction of DNA from banana! I'm currently writing a publication for kids and one of the activities is DNA extraction. I tried the instructions I wrote and viola! Ang hirap nga lang iexplain kay Feifei ng DNA!

129. Very productive weekend.:)

130. Self-discipline. In savings, in handling emotions, in health, at work, etc. Focus. Focus. Focus. *Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. 1 Cor 9:24

Follow God's Design

121. Saturday breakfast with Totskie and Momsi. Totskie arrived our house at around 7am to deliver hot pandesal before going to his office. Then we ate breakfast and had chit-chat with my mom.

122. Birthday gift for Totskie. I bought my gift a week ahead because I know we'll be busy before his birthday. I just hope I could wait for his birthday before I give it to him! Shhhhh...:D

123. Slumber party with Momsi and Fei-fei. When Popsi is on trip, I sleep beside Mom. When Fei-fei is around, she sleeps beside me. So we had a dilemma last Friday night because Fei-fei is so likot at ayoko ng siksikan. So to solve the biggest problem in the world, we slept in my room-Momsi and Fei on my bed, and me on the pull out bed. It was an instant fun slumber partey!

124. Baking three cakes. I so love baking and I could spend the whole day just baking. Thank God for helping me find this core gift and passion.

125. Popsi's pasalubong: longganisa from Quezon. Charap!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

But the LORD is with me like a mighty warrior.*

116. Sinigang na maasim for dinner. Perfect Friday dinner especially if shared with Totskie.:D

117. 100 peso bill na napulot ko sa kalsada. haha.

118. lunchdate with Ria. :)

119. new rosary from a sister

120. first unit gathering of SFC Exalted Team. BOOM!

*Jeremiah 20:11

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We are God's workmanship.*

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

111. DIY blogs like Life After Breakfast. I can spend the whole weekend reading such blogs. :) My dream is that when I'm rich na or (re)tired na, I'll make DIY projects nalang everyday. hay heaven...:)

112. listening to scientific seminar and understanding the jargon words. I praise the Lord for my bosses who gave me my job even if I had Zoo background and not a biotech/molecular bio. I really had to study a lot to understand what I would write. And after almost two years on self study, I could confidently say that I could get a good mark in BIO101 (a.k.a. Molecular Biology, the only subject i took twice in college, fyi). While I was listening to Monsanto's scientist kanina, I felt like I just learned a new language and understood everything he was talking about. Super praise God diba?

113. our proposal for Templeton funding has been approved! wohoo!!! We spent long hours in the office to accomplish this proposal. Para kaming gumawa ng thesis tapos binalik pa ng reviewers with a truckload of queries, so parang nagdefense din kami. But finally, we got the acceptance letter today! yehey! (for sure magpapakain ang boss ko. hehe)

114. pasalubong ni Sophie from Bangkok (scarf and chocolate). such a sweet colleague. <3

115. X-mini speakers. I got this from our exchange gift in the office last December. Super galeng, we could worship during our HH dates even if our guitarist is absent.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Made by God and for God

106. replacement ATM card from Landbank. Lahat ng nawala ay napalitan na. :)

from ohhappyday.com

107. quick chikahan with Ate Dada at the bank...

108. and finally she has a wedding date! :D

See you in August!:D
109. Wednesdate with SFC household. Topic: purpose.

110. I finally submitted my project. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Days :)

Because looking back after year 5 might be hard, I'm blogging a bit about our anniversary weekend (81). :)

Friday, 20 January 2012
The day passed like any regular Fridays, the busiest day of our work week, except that we had hearts on our eyes and our lips were stuck in a grin (82). We ate lunch together (83) then met again after work around pass 6. Since it's Lola Upen's 84th birthday, we visited her and gave her hugs and kisses. We planned to drink coffee after but then, nag-overheat ang kotse. :( So we just spent the evening talking about our plans for this year while making a vision board.:D Then we prayed sweetly to our God (84) and thanked him for our 5-year relationship.

Ok, I'll admit I was a bit sad because we were not able to have a real date that day. When Totskie handed me his anniv love letter, all my blues went away (85). It's been a long time since he last gave me a handwritten love letter. Then he promised that we'll have an anniversary weekend.:D 

Saturday, 21 January 2012
We went to the IRRI gym (86) because we promised to ourselves that we'll lose weight this year (87, thanking in advance). :) So that's our anniv Saturdate. In the evening, we attended the choir practice (88) and packed Totskie's things (89) for his new apartment (90).

Sunday, 22 January 2012
I cooked breakfast (91), which I rarely do at home. We served as part of the choir at the 9am mass. I'm thankful that God gave us this opportunity to serve together (92) even if we usually have busy skeds. We also have the best choirmates/support group (93) na mga SFC/Lisyu din dati though most of them are already married.

We went straight to South Supermarket to buy more stuff for Totskie's apartment. Meanwhile, Alika was enjoying her ride.:D

Right after eating lunch, we headed to Manila Ocean Park with Feifei (94)!:D Though there were lots of terorista (turista), we still managed to enjoy. Buti na lang boyscout si Totskie (95) at girlscout ako (96), we had everything we needed (97)-from drinking water and chicha to extra clothes. As per Fei's request, we had KFC for dinner (98). :D Then Feifei had a long trip to the comfort room. Gash. Buti na lang preschool teacher ako dati, thank God for that (99).:D

On our way home, I saw the YFC regional conference (2005) sticker inside the trike (100). This really made me smile because that was the most life-changing conference I've ever attended and served.

Monday, 23 January 2012
Last day of my loooong weekend, pero may pasok na si Totskie. But before he started his day at work, he transferred to his new apartment (101) with the help of the best gf in the world. haha. After one hour, maayos na ang apartment n'ya kasi magaling ako magpack. haha! Then we ate breakfast with my Mom (102). Totskie went to work then went back to our house to eat Adobo and fried rice cooked by the best gf in the world (103). sobra na kong feeling. :D

Thank you Lord for the happy days (104), as well as the not so happy days (105). We know that all things work for good for those who love and serve You. We bring back all the glory to You, the writer of every beautiful love story. We continue to give ourselves to you as an offering. Be at the center of our relationship forever, and be our source of love for each other always.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Show me Your GRACE.

71 to 75. It's our fifth year together!!!:D As we look back, we can't help but praise the Lord for His grace. And this year, we are praying for a truck-load of graces. Thank you in advance, God!

76. Lola Upen's 84th birthday. Lola Upen is my mom's aunt. Since I was born after my mom's parents died, I've loved Lola Upen as my trulily Lola. Last December, she was hospitalized and we thought it was her time to say farewell...but NO! She's now as jolly as before! 

77. Alika ran to me when I fetched her from their house. I carried her then she hugged me tight and repeatedly tapped my back. Sweetest baby in the world.

78. love letter from Totskie. <3

79. Another hand-drawn anniv gift from Feifei. Sweetest kid (na bungi)!!!

80. Loooooooooong weekend ahead!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


66. morning chikahan about God with Ate Millet. I really feel so blessed to have Ate Millet as our house help second nanay here in our home. I love Marichuy because she's a YFC by name and by heart. I never thought we could ever find someone who also loves God like Marichuy. This morning while having breakfast, Ate Millet and I talked about surrendering to God in worship and service. Ang saya...:)

67. beautiful morning. Because I had usapang God for breakfast, I feel beautiful the whole day.:)

68. I think I'm going out of the country this March. And I thank God in advance. 

69. Totskie's soon-to-be apartment. Ganda! Parang condo.

70. Popsi poured his heart out to me. My lolo is in critical condition now having congested heart failure, bronchopneumonia, low sodium, dementia, etc. I know Papa's not ok so while I was baking, I let him speak. He said he did not want to cry. But I did. Seconds later, he cried as well. Lord, we surrender to Your will.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eyes on the prize

61. Answered prayer. Last night, I pleaded something to the Lord. Then He granted my request today. Amen!

62. Free lunch from our boss. We enjoyed the food and each other's company so much that we went back to work at 2pm. #awesomeworkplace

63. Drive to get things done NOW. Eyes on the prize! (Larazo, n.d.)

64. My cousin Bevs got her first job!

65. Checks. Got two checks from our client (client para sowsyal)!

Look up!*

56. Free ride to the office. Kuya Raffy (Momsi's driver in the office) picked up something from our house just in time as I was going to the office. :)

57. Our team's yearly tradition: evaluation and honoring. I was bothered because I had some unfinished projects. But it turned out that I did more than what I could recall.

58. God putting things in place

59. Family dinner

60. Another year for my Popsi. As our parents get older, the more we appreciate their presence in our lives. We may have misunderstandings sometimes, but our love for each other is beyond measure. Happy birthday, Popsi!!!

*Oct. 4, 2003. The Fort. GK Event. During the worship, I asked the Lord to take away my suffering. Then He asked me to look up and see the limits of the sky. There was none. There IS none. Just like His power. Limitless. No boundaries. Immeasurable. A few days later, I read this verse from Isaiah 40:26:

Look at the night skies:
Who do you think made all this?
Who marches this army of stars out each night,
counts them off, calls each by name
—so magnificent! so powerful!—
and never overlooks a single one?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Precious in His Sight

51. Had a very relaxing weekend. Went to the parlor for mani-pedi-foot spa treat. Then Totskie treated me for a massage. And of course bonding moments at home with family.

52. restored friendship. I thought I already lost a good friend. Pero assumer lang pala ako.:)

53. IRRI's web day. I was asked by my boss to attend another seminar about social media. I learned a lot!

54. Especially from World Vision. And I was also captured by this particular video:

55. Being able to take care of the person I love.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hooray for Friday.

46. Nakaquota na ako ng impressions! One of my biggest tasks in the office is to monitor the media impressions of our publications. And yesterday, after 10 months of monitoring, I reached my target of 2 billion. So now I'm ready for the next search. I hope.

47. Finishing another CBU issue. Sorry coz my Fridays are very much super cerebral. 

48. Meeting our SFC friends. Yesterday was our first chapter meeting. 

 49. Dark chocolate truffles ice cream Alika. Yes, finish the work week with love love love! 

 50. Another Angry Birds inspired cake for a new customer.

Angry birds and our latest endorser making pacute at the background

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our future is in God's Hands.

41. free e-book from Ate Tets!:) I started reading Eat, Pray, Love forgetting that I only got a sample e-book from Amazon. In short, nabitin ako. So I asked my friends from FB if anyone could give me a free copy of the book. Just minutes after, Ate Tets asked for my e-mail add. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE, di ba God? Thanks!!!

42. Ate Adel will wake up soon. Ate Adel is the sister of Junie, one of Totskie's best friends. Last Jan. 2 she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Amiel (meaning God of my people). Then she had post labor complications that led her to be in coma. So far she's improving, praise God for that.  Let's join their family in praying and believing that she will wake up soon. God, be our God always and forever!

43. spontaneous worship. I was doing some work and was done with my prayer time when I felt the urge to praise God again. Ang sarap! Solo Dios Basta!!!

44. and sipag ko today. Arrived early in the office (oo maaga sa'min ang 8:45, second honor nga ko today eh) and wrote a lot. Thank you God for the inspiration.
45. coffee :) Iniwasan ko na ang kape. Pero hindi kanina kasi super antok na ko!!! The best thing about it is that my stomach did not react violently. Hihi. Just drank my second cup because I will write more articles before I call it a day. Promise last na po.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scarcity teaches us management.

36. the "covalent bond". that's what we call our friendship/sisterhood/brotherhood with Ian and Gail. Gail and I have been sisters in Christ since time immemorial while Ian and Totskie have been serving together for years as well. We all became close to one another thru YFC. This year, we promise to have more double dates!:D

37. second household date this year and Karen is present! Know Karen's story through her blog:  http://wondefulworldofkaren.blogspot.com/ 

38. Hinatid ako ni Totskie sa HH date ko kahit pagod na siya. So baet and sweet.
39. Quick chikahan with Melai. God, I missed that sister.

40. Ishi's topic for our HH tonight reminded me to be sensitive to God's leading.

*After all, God has a reason why He does not give us too much of something. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Always think of forever.

31. I found my ID! Nalate ako ng bonggang bongga dahil sa kahahanap sa nawawala kong ID. Yun pala nasa ulunan lang ng kama ko. Toinks.

32. Tuesdate with Cha. This might always appear every Tuesday because I really feel so blessed to spend time with this sister.

33. playing Kinect with Mom habang nagchichikahan at nagtatawanan. Para magka-abs din kami. hehe.

34. Popsi fetched me from the office even if it was raining. My Papa is not one of the most expressive dads in the world, but nobody beats him when we expresses his love for us through service.

35. time to update our household's scrapbook.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The wisest people are those who realize that they actually know nothing and look for God.

26. failed businesses. We had two coffee shops and both failed. Thank you God for letting us learn business from experience because now I believe we know better. :)

27. renovated cupcake factory. :D When I say cupcake factory, that means our kitchen, because that is where we bake FOR NOW. We revamped our kitchen by adding a new cabinet, where we put our ingredients. 

Someday we'll have something like this. :D

28. 1st mass in 2012 with family. And we're not late.

29. Wisdom from the three wise men: The wisest people are those who realize that they actually know nothing and look for God.

30. new customer. We baked samples of pastries because the DG's office asked for some. (Update: they liked our pastries!)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Love like that.*

21. new planner. Finally! I so love my Daycraft planner last year so I bought another one for this year.

22. new wall window clock. Thanks Totskie!:D

23. new logo for cupcake factory. I drew the cupcake here and placed my first name and my mom's initials.  And of course the sign of the cross. :D

24. back to singing for God. And I'll be singing again tomorrow during the mass.
25. cold evening. Sarap matulog! Zzzz.

*He didn't love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that.”Ephesians 5:1-2 MSG

Thursday, January 5, 2012

God’s blessings are dispensed according to the riches of his grace, not according to the depth of our faith.*

16. boss liked my ideas for the new project :)
17. so i'm doing the second draft
18. lunchdates with Totskie
19. weekend to look forward to
20. 1st wedding cake order :D

*from Max Lucado's UpWords.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Forget and Find*

I lost my bag a week before Christmas. I had my cellular phones inside it. And also my wallet and kikay kit. I lost the bag while I was inside a church just beside the altar. I am certain that somebody took it while I was preoccupied in doing something. After minutes of searching, my phones suddenly became out of reach. So I gave up. I silently prayed and searched for God’s comfort. Then I called my banks to freeze my ATM cards.

I only cried the following day because Globe refused to give me a replacement SIM after I was instructed by their CSR to just go to their business center and bring one ID. They were asking for proofs that it was my number. Eh nawala nga yung buong bag ko eh! It dawned on me that it will be a big hassle to get back all what I lost.

I prayed again and saw the bright light. God was teaching me a lesson that’s why He allowed that to happen to me, especially before Christmas. He wanted me to be generous whatever the circumstances are. Losing my gifts list was not an excuse not to bless others, as well as losing a good amount of money. So I bought the gifts I’ve been planning to give to my loved ones and felt really joyful in giving.

Just two days after I lost my bag, my officemate friend, Sophie, gave me a new wallet. On that same day, Cheek and Sir Popen gave me bags. Momsi, Popsi, and Totskie gave “donations” for my new phone. Eyna gave me a pouch for kikay stuff. Ate Tess gave me a kikay mirror with comb. Momsi gave me her unused make ups. BDO gave me a replacement ATM card without asking for an Affidavit of Loss. And the list of God’s generosity goes on…

Ang mga kapalit ng mga nawaley

Azar pa din ako sa kumuha ng bag ko. Lalo na pag may naalala akong important notes na nakasulat sa phone ko (like yung prayer na tinuro sa’kin nung new found friend ko sa Bahay Pag-ibig Home for the Aged). Well, as they say healing takes time. I pray that as I learn to forgive whoever took my bag, may he/she also know God more by reading the notes on my cellphone.

* If your concern is to look after yourself, you'll never find yourself. But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you'll find both yourself and me. Matthew 10:39 MSG

I choose to be grateful.*

11. first household date for 2012. Last year our 1st topic was about being grateful. That was when I started this blog. Then today we had the sequel of that topic and wrote 10 blessings we thank God in advance for 2012. Ang saya.

12. Ishi's surprise gift (book and letter). She secretly left a paper bag in my room. I failed to notice it so she sent me a text message after one and a half hours. I was surprised and touched by this sister's sweet gesture. Kakatouch!

13. first Tuesdate with Cha. Topic for today: weddings. Because she's getting married next month!

14. new ATM card from BDO. Finally got my replacement ATM card. I love BDO coz they find ways unlike my other bank.

15. shopping galore at Pandayan Bookstore with Totskie. I bought delivery slips, carbon paper, blank receipts,   mini white board and stapler for Cupcake Factory. Asenso na kami eh. :D Praise God. 

*Bo Sanchez says that we can choose to grumble or be grateful the whole year. I choose the latter. Because it attracts more blessings and magnifies God at the same time. :D


6.  Undertime. Pumasok ako ng 10am at umuwi na din ng 3pm. :D Sana araw-araw pwede magself-declared shortened period!:D

7. Time to blog. I missed this!

8. New Year hangover.

9. Plans.

10. Alika's goodbye kisses and hugs. <3 <3 <3

*Forget about what's happened; don't keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I'm about to do something brand-new. Isaiah 43:18-19

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hooray for Today!

McDonald's is the place to be. Not Cindy's.:D Because in McDo, I have lots of memories. Their TV commercials are cute too. Especially this latest one that is so fit to the occasion:

So I'll start another gratitude list for this new year:
  1. Celebrating the new year with a bigger family. When I was younger, we were just four in the family–Momsi, Popsi, Kuya Ryan, and I. But for the last two years, we celebrated with new members of the family–Ate Bel (my sis-in-law), Fei, Alika, and of course, Totskie.
  2. Our yearly family reunion. We hosted the reunion this year. Kapagod but it was so fun! Special thanks for Kinect and videoke.:D

  3. Kinect. Fun way to exercise (TY Oti for introducing us to Kinect).
  4. Totskie's love for my family. Awwww...<3
  5. Yummy cathedral windows gelatin (by Ate Bel) and buko salad for dinner. Dahil naumay na sa mga handa.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

...because I love God

At the start of every year, I rewrite my life goals. And last year, I learned from one of my talks in SFC that each of these goals have the same endingbecause we love God. We strive to make the best of this life because we love the One who created us and gave us this life.

Before the clock struck 12 last Saturday, I looked at this list and placed a big check on all the things that God has allowed me to have/accomplish in 2011...
  • Get a passport on January and I travel out of the country.
  • Work harder.
  • Get a raise. Double check. :D
  • I will not resign. The longest time I've been in a job was 15 months so I promised to myself that I will not resign from my current job this year. Count four more months and I'll be two years in ISAAA! :D
  • I will do online jobs. Got a science blogging assignment this year with the highest hourly rate I've ever got. Plus there are no deadlines! Hihi!
  • I will always be grateful. Read this blog.
  • I will meet my household regularly.
  • I will give a portion of my salary to my parents.
  • I will fund for my parents' getaway on their anniversary.
  • I will pay my debts.
  • I will earn _____ per month using several income streams: salary, freelance writing, baking. 
  • I will blog regularly. 
  • I will learn how to bike.
  • I will learn how to make fondant cakes.
  • I will pray for Totskie and our relationship everyday. 
  • New work for Totskie.
  • Transfer to our new home.
And because God loves me so much, I also received unexpected blessings:
  • new household
  • opportunities to serve
  • new phone (because the old one was snatched together with my whole bag)
  • Kindle
  • projects
  • speaking engagements
  • editing racket in UP
  • more time with family
  • new friendships
  • travelssss
  • success of Cupcake Factory
...and the list goes on. With all these blessings Lord, may I not forget that this life is not about me but about YOU. Thank You!!!