Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank You God 'coz I'm gonna be sexy on our wedding day. :p

I started attending dance aero classes last week with my mom. It was sooo fun! Our classmates are mostly 30 to 60+ year olds so no worry about my dancing skills. :D Mom told the instructor about my goal. He said that my bone structure is "not small" so I won't me model-thin. BUT, I can shed off the unwanted fats and be pretty in my wedding gown. He confidently said I can do it. Yes I can!!! 

Before our Taebo session
Then last Saturday, we planned to jog at UPLB Freedom Park but we saw the free dance aero classes going on at Baker Hall. So together with my 6-yo niece Fei, we danced until all our energies were drained! Ang saya! Too bad I did not bring my phone to take a pic of it. Next time.:)

Thank You God for my weight monitor/inspiration/classmate/MOM. Thanks for the confidence of our dance aero instructor. Thanks for my Taebo classes in college because I easily got the steps in our classes now. Thanks to the free aero classes by my PE teachers in UPLB. Thanks Eyna for introducing us to Xbox Kinect. Thanks Alika for always turning on the console. Thanks Totskie for telling me everyday that I look thinner. Thank You God in advance 'coz I believe with all my heart, body, and soul, that I'm gonna be sexy on our wedding day. Yes!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Everything Sunshine

Because I might be blogging mostly about my wedding preps, syempre binago ko ng konti yung look ng blog ko. Haha.:D

We are just so thankful about how people treated the news about our engagement. It really felt like everyone is happy for us. Ang sarap. :) And since the proposal, it really felt like everyday is a sunny day for both of us. Kahit medyo busy sa preps, I feel no stress about it. Gusto ko na nga magleave until September para yun na lang iisipin. Of course, that's just a crazy dream.

Our task last night was to fill out our playlist. We've heard a song last December with these lyrics: Everything sunshine, everything brighter. And since then, we've been googling about the song but we couldn't find it. We want it to be our wedding theme song (yes, parang movie lang). And finally last night, I found the lyrics and the Youtube video of the song!!! Napaluha talaga ako sa tuwa. :) Hay, this is our song:

I got a melody to sing
I think today is gonna bring
Everything Sunshine
Everything brighter
Everything left for us to do falling in order
Don’t you think someday, is better than never?
Don’t you think all we’re going through, leads us to all we never knew
and Everything Sunshine?

Thank You God for the SON shines on our love. :D

Monday, April 16, 2012

This is it.

April 12, 2012

It was hot inside the house so we placed a mattress on our terrace and had our moonlit date. We talked about how our day has been and had our usual laughs. Then we started to dream about our wedding  for the nth time.

I asked Totskie to pray. Since I was the prayer leader the day before, I asked him to lead that time. I really felt the words he was saying to God. When he asked me to tell my prayer intentions, I just said little requests then told him to end the prayer. But he said to God that he would take that opportunity to give me THE ring and asked me, "Papakasalan mo ba ako?" I thought he was just joking that time but when he confirmed that he was really proposing, I just hugged him tightly and started to cry. He went on praying. I could not remember everything he said then but what struck me most was that he was telling God that he knows I am God's so he is asking me from Him to be his wife. For me, there's no other proposal that could be better than asking my hand from my Maker and Greatest Lover.

After closing the prayer, he asked for my answer again. Of course I said yes ("Oo naman!!!").

I was so dugyot in my pambahay clothes that time
so I just took a pic of my hand. Buti nlng naka red nail polish ako! ;)
So for my 300th blessing in 2012, I'm saying THANK YOU LORD, IKAKASAL NA KO!!!:D

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Twelve

April 12 is a very significant date. Number one, it's the end of my appointment (296). And, yes, I'm being renewed for another year! (Our appointments are renewed every year.) Thank God, may trabaho pa ko hanggang April 12, 2013 (297)! Haha. I also accomplished a lot in the office today. Submitted two (298 & 299) major major deliverables this afternoon to my boss.

Number two reason... I'll post it soonest. It's still on my drafts folder. :) Thank You, God!!! You're the best!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jesus is Alive!

I attended the Grand Easter Feast last Sunday (291). The best!!! How I wish that my family came with me. Next year *fingers crossed* (292). Hanggang ngayon, high na high pa din ako. God really spoke to me and made me feel He is alive and that everything is well and good because of his sacrifices.

All is well!!!

Day 2 (293) of a very productive week (294). Iba talaga pag nakakapagbakasyon. :) Thank God for the long weekend (295)! Ilang tulog na lang, weekend nanaman!:D

Please pray for my sister in Christ, Matet. Just read from her Facebook wall that she's going through cancer. May God shelter her from the pain. My friend Aprille also needs prayers for her Itay, Tito Nick. He got the worst kind of stroke and is now in coma since Tuesday last week. May God wake him up and heal him completely.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fei's gratitude list

After our Visita Iglesia last Friday, we decided to swim with my nieces in our resort (which is located just beside our house, and the pool is inflatable by the way) on the condition that they will sleep first. Alika did so because she got tired from our trip. Fei just watched the TV and waited until we finish preparing the pool. We told her to sleep several times but she did not. So when Alika woke up, Fei was not allowed to swim. She threw tantrums all over the house. I allowed her to swim but just for one hour but still she was so inarte. She wore her swimsuit and watched us while crying beside the pool. Alika suddenly wanted to go out of the pool, which is very unusual, addict yun sa tubig eh. So I took her out of the pool then she walked towards her Ate, took her hand and pulled her towards the pool. How can a 1 year and 8-month old kid do that??? Muntik na ko maiyak.

My sister-in-law was talking to my brother through Skype during that time so she was able to show my brother what Alika did. Super ka-touch!

Before sleeping that night, I reminded Fei fei to pray aloud. I asked her what were the things she was grateful for that day. She said, "Thank you po God kasi hinila ako ni Alika sa swimming pool." Hay, these angels...

Alika hugging her Ate at the Walkway

P.S. I asked Fei to pray for blessings for the next day. Ang bilis ng sagot: Lord, sana po pumayat na ko. Toinks.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Crushed for our sins.

I've been keeping myself away from my laptop so I could have more time to reflect this holy week. It's not a guilt-free week but I could say that I've had God and I times (276), as well as God, I and family moments to cherish  (277).

Every year, we make it a point to have Visita Iglesia with my relatives (278). I really appreciate this activity so much because it's not everyday that you get to serve and reflect together with your relatives. This year, we visited Global City to have an experience of the Walkway (279). The sun was screaming from above, but it didn't stop us from doing each of the activities. Though I've long known the story of Jesus' passion, it still struck me with awe  (280) what this Man did to pay for sins He did not do (281). Here are some power lines I've got from the Walkway:

We also visited some churches on our way home to pray for some special intentions like the healing of our uncle who has been having trouble with his leg for some time now. May God heal him, as well us our hearts who have been swayed my the worldly ways...

And of course, probably the most memorable part of our Visita Iglesia, we visited a fast food to eat our packed lunch (282)! We still ordered some food from the fast food pero nakakahiya pa din. I really don't understand our oldies why we still bring packed lunch eh mas napapamahal pa nga kami. Pero I have to admit that our packed food is much more yummy (283) that what the fast foods serve. I know this is one of the weird ways to bond. :D

And today, as the malls open, we headed to Alabang to celebrate Ate Vim's birthday (284). Ate Vim is Totskie's eldest sister. We had so much fun in the Pixie Forest (285)! First time ko naglaro ng arcade games ng bongga! I collected a number of tickets (286) and planning to go back soon to collect more. Ang saya lang.:D It was also fun to watch Totskie's nieces and nephews run around the mall like crazy (287). Kids are my favorite persons in the world. If I'm bad trip or experiencing super bad dysmenorrhea, bring a cute kiddo in my room and I'll be perfectly ok. :D

Add to this gratitude list my mom (288), who's been the most loving person in the world. And also Totskie's mom (289), who has always made me feel like I'm her own (290). Naks. <3

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

YOU are my life-giver.

I've got so many things to blog about. Especially now that I am so limited in terms of communicating with others because I lost my voice. Ursula took it away so I could experience the Prince (of Peace). hehe. Somehow I'm enjoying it because all that I say (people around me are exercising lip reading) are the most important things only (266).

Last night, I also had a "silent" slumber party with a dear sister in Christ, Ishi (267). Before we said our good nights (yes, we slept early 'coz she was tired of understanding sign language), I was able to pray for her (268). Even if all she could hear were squeaks and swish, we both knew that God heard us clearly and will answer our prayers in due time (269).

I attended a symposium this morning at Diamond Hotel and picked up the brains of all the speakers (270). God, I know I'm a "thick book-wiser" now. Haha. Plus the view up there was magnificent (271).

One more day and the "real" holy week will begin (272). I'm so excited to spend more more time with God in prayer and mass (273). I'm also looking forward to having a different kind of Way of the Cross in Global City (274), and a grandiose Easter celebration at The Feast (275).

Friends, please pray with me. I'm discerning about something related to service. It seems that God is calling me to do my last assignment as a single person. May God grant me wisdom and courage.