Monday, April 16, 2012

This is it.

April 12, 2012

It was hot inside the house so we placed a mattress on our terrace and had our moonlit date. We talked about how our day has been and had our usual laughs. Then we started to dream about our wedding  for the nth time.

I asked Totskie to pray. Since I was the prayer leader the day before, I asked him to lead that time. I really felt the words he was saying to God. When he asked me to tell my prayer intentions, I just said little requests then told him to end the prayer. But he said to God that he would take that opportunity to give me THE ring and asked me, "Papakasalan mo ba ako?" I thought he was just joking that time but when he confirmed that he was really proposing, I just hugged him tightly and started to cry. He went on praying. I could not remember everything he said then but what struck me most was that he was telling God that he knows I am God's so he is asking me from Him to be his wife. For me, there's no other proposal that could be better than asking my hand from my Maker and Greatest Lover.

After closing the prayer, he asked for my answer again. Of course I said yes ("Oo naman!!!").

I was so dugyot in my pambahay clothes that time
so I just took a pic of my hand. Buti nlng naka red nail polish ako! ;)
So for my 300th blessing in 2012, I'm saying THANK YOU LORD, IKAKASAL NA KO!!!:D


  1. kelangan sabihin ko alit: im so happy! super na overwhelm ako sa kwentuhan i missed the fact that totskie asked you from God pala. hehehe. gujab totskie! you're in good hands tin! :)