Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Have Two Nieces

One of my prayers every night is that my nieces would grow up to be God-confident kids. My close friends know that Fei-fei isn’t related to us by blood or genes because she’s not my brother’s biological daughter. However, we love her dearly as our own, just like how we love Alika. I just feel bad whenever people would ask who is my “real” niece, especially when Fei is in front of us. Fei has been showing some signs of insecurity like she wants to have fair skin like us or straight hair like my mom’s. Whenever she sleeps beside me, I pray over her and ask the Lord to take away all those insecurities and make her feel whole in His love and in our family.

I just hope that people would also see Fei as my real niece. Of course, it doesn’t matter what others think but when they say it in front of Fei, it crushes her soul because she is already a 6-year old girl who could understand every single word that she hears.

Above all these issues, I honor God for the heart of my brother. My brother played like a prodigal son in our family for so many years but suddenly changed when Ate Bel, Fei, and Alika became his family. He loves his family dearly and works very hard to provide for them.

This morning I woke up enveloped with gratitude because in less than two months, I’ll be seeing my brother again. I’m sure he’ll be proud to see that Fei has been a good Ate to Alika, without minding who is biologically his and not.

And just like God, He sees all of us as His own, proud and shouting from up there, “Hey, that’s my daughter, Tin!”

Another Gift

Steph is going to make something (for free) for my wedding!:D Yeys!!! Thank You God!!!

Vitamins+minerals=super powers

I've been having busy schedules for the previous weeks. We're already doing some wedding preps, plus my service in SFC, plus work, plus exercise in between. I'm quite surprised because I haven't been sick for the last two months.

During my last visit to the doctor, I asked him to give me a prescription for vitamins. Probably he forgot because I did not find any vitamins in the medicines I bought after consultation. But thank God for my friend, Mahar, who told me about a brand of supplements that I could take. After more than a month of taking those supplements, I feel like I have super powers because I've never been sick. I never experienced having hyperacidity in my stomach, my monthly period is normal, and the list goes on.

Hay, thank God for He breathed on my supplements so I could be a super woman these days. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


After months of work, work, and work, we found our Bethany in Coron, Palawan. 

Photo by EJ Azucena

Super thank You Lord for all those months of busyness and hard work. Thank You for my job. Thank You for ISAAA.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thank God for Lola Yed

Lola Yed already said goodbye today.

We will miss you Lola. Thanks for building a God-fearing clan. You will be missed, especially on our day. Surely you'll have the best view of our wedding from up there. Thanks for believing in us. Thanks for all the love. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Please pray for Lola Yed

One of my fears is that Lolo, my only grandparent left, would pass away before our wedding. Though he  would not be able to come 'coz he can't travel anymore and he thinks that I'm already married and Alika is my daughter, I still want to show him our wedding pics when we visit him in December. So I always pray that God would give him the strength and the joy to continue living.

Then yesterday morning, Totskie's mom called to tell us that his Lola is in critical condition. Just like me, Totskie has only one grandparent left. Just days ago, we decided that we would add her to our wedding entourage as an honor to her. She has always been supportive of us, giving advice each time we visit her.

Hay Lola Yed, please wake up today. But if you're too tired already, we'll understand. May God embrace you with His love always. We are praying for you.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reminder to self: you're just an instrument

I had a date with my GK kumares today. I usually treat them in our house but I changed the plan today because I could not prepare food for them. So I told them that we meet in a cheap restaurant here in LB. Two hours before our date, one of them sent me a text message: Pede ba isama yung mga bata? And because I also miss being with their kids, who were my former students, I said yes. I opened my wallet to check how much I had left on my wallet. I was quite worried because this spending is out of my budget. Bahala na si Lord.

And so we met at KFC. The kids were jumping for joy when they entered the door. Before we ate, I asked the oldest kiddo to lead us in prayer. Yumi said: Lord, thank You po kasi ginamit po Ninyo si Teacher Tin na maging instrument para makakain po kami sa KFC...

I felt guilty that I felt burdened about  my treat for the kids. Yumi is right, I am just God's instrument and so God will always provide. God will always equip us so we are never empty handed in blessing others.


Totskie is the most understanding boyfriend on this planet. Especially today that I'm the most immature person in the world. Thank God for this guy, he knows how to discipline the little girl inside me. Hayyy....:,)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear God

Dear God,

I know You're the one who invented/created "BEST FRIENDS". And tonight, I'm just super duper mega ever grateful (still an understatement) that I've got one (and we have the same name that originated from Your name). :D

You are so awesome,