Monday, July 30, 2012

It's a Sunny Day

I know it's raining cats and dogs the whole day but I feel like it's a sunny day since Gail posted our pics on Foreveryday's blog. :) So why don't you try and feel the sunshine? View our pics at NOW. :D

P.S. I showed the post to my father who does not understand the concept of engagement pictorial up to now. Sabi n'ya, "Ano 'yan nagbebake?" Sabi ko, "Opo, pero kunyari lang." Then he saw the 3rd pic, "Ano yun may nagbebake bang nagyayakapan???" Hahaha. My KJ gene came from my father. Azar lang.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fitting, Food Tasting, and Farenting 101

Sorry for the title. I just wanted some alliteration. :) Because this day has been filled with such.

I don't know if fitting is the proper term pero nagpasukat na ko. (Measuring ba?) Haha. I just feel good (di pa great) that I have lost 14lbs since we first visited my couturier in Lumban. And now I have a month to lose weight for the next fitting. Yes, pahirapan sa pag-aadjust ang mananahi. :)

Then we headed to Caliraya Springs for the food tasting. Instant na ang pagkuha ng pics pag pumupunta kami. Yes, bitin pa sa prenup shoot. The place is just lovely. Especially today that we have imagined the details of the reception. By the way, the food is good as well.

And the Farenting practicum. Before we headed to Lumban and Cavinti, we fetched Alika first. So nanay mode and bride-to-be at the same time. :D I just thank God that she slept whenever I told her to and woke up whenever I wanted her to. My niece must be awarded as the "Most Cooperative" kid in this house today. When I was watching a movie (of Sarah and Gerald, yes I'm a fan), she grabbed the laptop from me and kissed Gerald! Another Ashrald in the making. And now she's sleeping soundly while I'm doing some tasks for the wedding. Very good, Alika.

Grateful Saturday everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photographs and memories

It is such a nostalgic night for me. I'm not in the mood to write (about biotech) so now I'm writing on my blog. Hehe. I scanned through my FB pics to seach for good pics to include in our reception video. Grabe lang ang tawa ko sa mga pics na nakita ko. Ito sample: 

This pic was taken ~14 years ago. Ram!!! (Thanks to Krista for the pic)
Sssshhh...Don't tell Totskie about this, baka maging Hulk! :D

And I'll reserve the rest for the video...

Kunin ko na din itong chance para manawagan po sa mga kaibigan namin na may pics/video na kasama kami ni Totskie. Kindly send them to or share it to me thru Dropbox. Thanks in advance!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thanks Ishi, Gail, and Clem!

I'm just so happy how our wedding invitation turned out. I could not find a person to do the design so I did it myself. :) And thank God for leading me to the right URL that gave me the clues. haha. :)

Special thanks to my friends Ishi and Gail who helped me big time to finish the invites. Of course their presence and laughter added color into these invites. Next time ulit ha?!:) 

I also thank God for Clem, my office mate and friend, who did the calligraphy for our Save the Date and  invitation envelopes. Super galing n'ya, idol level. :) She's a famous blogger of fountain pens and notebooks. Take a look at her blog here.

Walang stressed na bride-to-be kung maraming ever helpful and loving friendships. ;)

Save the Date! Calligraphy by Clem of 

DIY invites

Calligraphy by Clem of 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Grateful Weekend

God gave me an opportunity to share the spirit of gratefulness to Exalted SFCs of Los BaƱos last Friday. It was a rainy night but still 15 pips managed to go and spend time together. After listing down as many blessings they could remember for 1 minute, we divided into groups of 3 and shared about the blessings we thank God in advance for this year. All of us felt the same feeling after activity: that we already have those blessings in our hands. :)

The following day, I also delivered another talk to the leaders of our sector about zeal and single mindedness for God. The topic made me reflect about my devotion to serve the Lord which started when I was really young, attending Sunday school of Bread of Life and Kids for Christ activities. It's really not enough that we're good and striving for our own holiness. All such efforts will be in vain unless we bring souls to Christ. I guess, that would be my last talk in Singles for Christ, but I'm sure that Totskie and I will be serving together in Couples for Christ in the near future. :)

I spent the whole day of Sunday at home, watching X-men marathon in HBO, eating popcorn and avocado, and finishing our DIY invites. Gratefulness consumes me.

Choose today whom you will for me and my family, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wedding Gifts of Friendships

I had the busiest weekend of my “engaged”  life. We finally had our Pre-Cana seminar at Pagsanjan Church last Saturday and Sunday. I feel so blessed that we were required to attend such because I felt like we just came from an engagement retreat. I learned so much not just about our faith as Catholics, but also how we should communicate as a couple, how we would handle our finances, how we should deal with our in-laws, how we’ll plan our family, and the list goes on. It’s like I read A Complete Dummies’ Guide on Marriage. The weekend also paved the way for us to appreciate more the beauty of our province. Ang ganda-ganda sa Pagsanjan. Of course we have bias, because we shared a lot of memories together in that place, but aside from that, Pagsanjan is beautiful because it brings us closer to our heritage.

And then yesterday, we had our engagement shoot with GailBitoon of Foreveryday Photography. No other photographer could be better than the husband of my best friend, Ching. Aside from his talents and skills, he also knows us and have supported our relationship since he became Ching’s partner. Super thank God for Gail and Ching. Here are some "unofficial shots" :


Thanks also for Eyna, who used her Girl Scout skills and creative juices to help us achieve the look we want. Mula sa pagzizipper ng gown na ayaw magsara, pagdodonate ng alcohol para magamit ang spraynet, sa pagtitirintas ng hair ko na pang-Pinterest, pagpapapaypay at pagpapatawa.

I also thank God for Melai, who suggested to ask Ela to do my hair and make up. Thank God for blessing Ela with kaartehan and make up kitsssssss.

With these friends supporting us, I feel so grateful to God. Feeling ko these friendships are the most valuable gifts for our wedding, of course for our marriage. Weee. :D

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Check check check

According to our wedsite, we've only got 77 days to go before our wedding! This counter makes me cram each time. Last Tuesday, I barely slept because my mind was revolving around the preps. :( But the morning after, I woke up at 5:30 to do the invites. I've asked some friends for instructions on how to achieve my dream wedding invitation but none gave the clear answer. So I asked for the Divine Mercy to equip me as I explore on Google and Photoshop. And after an hour, I knew the exact thing to do! Hahahaha! Thank God for His guidance, and the "holy" pressure of cramming. So last Wednesday night, I finished the design of our wedding invites! Wedding invites, check! Yey!

Last night, Totskie and I headed to the parlor to have our hairs colored. This is in prep for our engagement photoshoot with THE Gail Bitoon of Foreveryday Photography. Prenup preps, check!

After our parlor date, we walked about 15 steps (thanks to the heavy rain) and had dinner with THE Aprille Araguas of Aprille Araguas Designs. Finally, we have a florist! Flowers, check!

I'm just so grateful that I'm blessed with creative friends who are willing to help us and inspire us as well. Thank you po Lord!