Sunday, September 30, 2012

Farewell September, Hellooo Octoberrrr!!!

My final gratitude list for this month:
  • Kuya is with us in one full month. We've been looking forward to Kuya's arrival since he left two years ago. Our weekends with him and his family made us feel like it's already Christmas. 
  • Wedding preps. I've been planning about my wedding since time immemorial. I love preparing surprise birthdays for friends, managing events, and doing DIYs. Though the passed months have been busy, I loved every minute of our preps. 
  • The Wedding, of course. Hayyyy...:) Gratefulness to the highest level!!! I'm super thankful about everything... the weather, the suppliers, the guests, the super friends, our families and relatives, and of course, I'm so at bliss that Totskie is now my husband. 
Foreveryday <3
  • Our honeymoon trip.  Finally, our dream vacation came to reality right after the wedding.
  • Lolo is with God now.  :,)
  • Kuya is on his way back to Riyadh and we'll see him again in 9-10mos. :D
Whew! Thank You so much God!!! October na bukas!!!:D

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Papa's last living memory of lolo was last july, when we went home to visit him. Lolo was singing then, though he looked frail and weak already.

My last memory was last December, when lolo jokingly said that when I come back I might have 2 kids already. Because of dementia, he thought that Alika is my daughter.

I never look at the corpses during funerals because I want to remember the dead as how they looked when they were still living. But now, I look at lolo every time and his living memory never fades away.

Thanks for living a full life, Lt. Rizal Natividad.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hero to the end

Last night, totskie and I prayed together before we slept. We asked God to sustain the joy we have no matter what because our joy is already complete with Him. Then this morning, while on our way to our next destination, I received a message from my mom. My dear lolo passed away. Sadness embraced me in an instant but peace never left my side. I know He's in a better place right now. No more pain, no more sorrow. I'm grateful to him for living 94 years of being a hero not just for our country but also for us his family. I know he waited for my wedding to pass before he left.

I love you lolo. You will always be our hero.


I think I'm thanking God every ten seconds lately but I know that's not yet enough to express how grateful I am. God has been so good and gracious to us for making our dream come true. In every silent minute I remember a person who helped us start our marriage. May the good Lord bless the hearts of those people.

Yes, my wedding was everything sunshine. :D

(Watch our growing up avp here.)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love in letters

I know we have a long list of principal sponsors. Some of them have been preset years ago, some were volunteers, and some were volunteered by our parents. :) But I view all of them as blessings, because aside from serving as our witnesses, they will also bless us with love and prayers on our wedding day.

Last Friday was my last day of work before my long vacation for the wedding. Before I left the office, my boss/Ninang-to-be called me to come into her room. She asked me about our preps and gave some inspirational advice on marriage.

Then this morning, I receive a personal message in Facebook from one of our ninangs. And she wrote:
"...Preparing for weddings is an easy task, an exciting one at that. it is the preparation that brings closer relationships, cooperation, and more love... as you journey through your marriage always remember all the preparation you had. remember how fun it was. remember the people who had been with you until that very day you say your "i do's"... they will be there for you and toto no matter what. remember that your partnership had been blessed with prayers by these people. remember this letter and say... "nag effort si ninang para sa kin". and the only reason i want you to remember these is to give you a reason to stick it out with toto no matter what.

always pray for your husband, forgive and get to know him day by day. always look at the things that you can give instead of the things that he has to give. it will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. i know you already know about these things but sometimes we need a lot of reminding be a partner, a bestfriend, and a mistress (hehe!) rolled into one... but the most important thing is to be reminded of the reason why God had put you together. only both of you would know what task God wants to accomplish through both of you... discover that TOGETHER. no one is better than the other... no one has a higher purpose. no one has "more points" in heaven than the other. and your union will prove that.

isn't marriage great! it is a never ending story... continue to tell your "story" and inspire people around you. and just like any other story, it will have its twists and turns... but more chapters can be written and you never have to close the book. God is the greatest author, allow him to write... never take the pen or twist His hands to let him write your thoughts. i'm so glad to be part of some of those chapters... my name is written on them. so it means you can always look back, search my name, and be reminded of how much you mean to me. "
This is so touching. It feels so assuring that we'll have a guided marriage because we will be backed up by a group of people who believe in marriage and in the One who creates marriages.

Friday, September 14, 2012


We fetched my brother's family from their home to spend another weekend with us. We were surprised because they brought 2 luggage bags to our house. My brother said they're gonna spend the week in our house to help us in our wedding preps. :D

Looooong weekend ahead. Thank you Lord my brother is here. :) And we're complete on my wedding day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One week to go!!!

Illustrated by Steph Bravo

Thank you Lord, nakakatulog pa ako ng mahimbing. :D

Monday, September 10, 2012

Not my way but Yours

Being an OC bride-to-be, I've been ranting about several things lately about the wedding. That include those people who are "nagtatampo" because they are not invited in our wedding and the renovation being done in the church's entrance so I have to enter the church through the side door. For me, that unexpected happening is something major, but to Totskie, it's just something beyond our control and just have to accept. :)

And yesterday, I read a post from another bride-to-be friend, and I quote:
"I may not enjoy the setbacks while they’re happening, but I trust that when something major happens, it is serving a purpose and that it’s for my highest good." 
 It reminded me a lot about the wedding and placed me back on the right perspective. Thanks to that friend, and to whoever gave her that realization. :D

So this morning I asked the Lord to help me not turn into a zilla in the coming days, that His will be done and may my heart be open to His plans no matter what.

"Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be done according to your word." Luke 1:38


Thursday, September 6, 2012


At the start of this year, I listed down 10 blessings that I would like to thank God in advance together with my SFC sisses. And yesterday, I met some of them (because they are my coordinating team for the wedding) and knew that a number of the blessings we thanked God on credit have been granted or on the way to being true. We can't help but say "WOW" a couple of times upon knowing that God is really working on our blessings.

Here are just some of those granted prayers/blessings:

  • I is going back to school with scholarship
  • F got the job she was praying for
  • M is now a director in her MLM biz
  • My brother went home after being away for 2 years for work
  • I'm getting married in less than two weeks :D
It's just so great to witness how God blesses the people you have prayed with and prayed for. I also have another prayer which was not yet in the list but have been a constant prayer for eight months. God granted that prayer this week. He's really generous because I only prayed and expected a little but He gave me more than that. 

WOW ka God, WOW. <3

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prayers and Mountains

Yesterday was probably one of my last adventures in my single life. I don't know how to put it into words, but I'm just overflowing with gratefulness at this very moment. I've been praying hard lamenting to God about some things for months. And while doing that I got blisters and scratches. Yesterday, I was finally at the summit. There, I met God. He's indeed alive.