Monday, November 26, 2012


there's a miracle happening inside me. baby is 6 weeks old, 0.4cm cute, and heart beats 120x a minute. how can that be possible? surely it is God's hand working on this.

Monday, November 19, 2012

God the Crafter

I've always dreamed of retiring from work early and  just do DIY crafts at home. Several times in a day, I crave for something colorful to see or something creative to do like doodle on the side of the journal article I'm reading. Well, probably I'm a born crafter. And I thank the Lord for this gift/skill/talent because through this I came to know Him in a different light.

At the middle of the crafternoon that Eyna and I attended, I found God the Crafter. I imagined how God feels whenever he makes a creation. He crafts every person like a masterpiece. Thus, I am His work of art.

And just like a little giddy child, I watch Him craft another life inside me. I can feel and see how joyful He is in adding more cells to my baby, developing each organ, and planting seeds in my baby's heart.

God is so awesome. I'll forever be grateful for this extravagant gift I've got for Christmas.

Our crafternoon pics:

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Year of faith

Truly the Lord has far better plans than what we have. Looking at my advance gratitude list (prayers I thanked God on credit at the start of this year), I could say that He has given me everything I asked for. But God is sooo generous and loving, He treats us like his favorite.

Last Monday, God granted another prayer-to have a baby soon. I can't believe I'm going to be a mommy! My heart leaps for joy and bliss with this great news. The Lord indeed is sooo good.

To add more sugar to the cupcake, I'm expecting a baby together with my best friend Ching and our dear friend Cheek. :)

Side kwento. Before I got engaged, I had a vision that Ching would be pregnant on my wedding day. And it really happened! Then when Totskie and I got engaged, I had a funny dream that I will give birth this month, which is just 2 mos after our wedding. :)

Even before your baby was conceived, he or she was on God’s calendar!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Relationships in one long weekend

Before the loong weekend started, I listed down the things I MUST do. That list include sorting of wedding pictures for Facebook and album printing, writing more blogs, have plenty of sleep, etc. Sad Grateful to say, I did not accomplish those things. Instead, the whole long weekend was spent on spending time with the people I love. :D

Right after work on Oct. 31st, we wore our halloween costumes because we received a threat from our neighbors that they will scare us unless we give them candies. And after the trick or treat, we treated ourselves with full body massage. Sarap!

Early morning of Nov. 1st, I cooked breakfast which we brought to the cemetery. We spent sometime there with our relatives. Then after lunch, Totskie and I headed to BiƱan to visit his Lola in the cemetery. The next picture just shows how fun that visit was. Totskie's Titas are very animated in telling stories kaya ang dami kong tawa. 

And just like a yearly tradition, we started putting Christmas decors. See my cute assistant?:D

And before the weekend ended, I did this cake together with 70 cupcakes for Baby Yanis' Christening. :)

Then we attended the first birthday party of my childhood friend's daughter, Nyx. I'm so proud of Feifei, she won the stop dance game!:D After the party, our family went to the church for the mass. Perfect way to end the long weekend. ;)