Sunday, June 30, 2013

July is here!

Last year, I was fervently waiting for September to come because I would be marrying the man love most. Then two months after our wedding, we learned that we'll be having a baby by July 2013. And July is finally here!!! I can't wait to see our baby girl! :D

I'm just so thankful that we've reached this month. So many things happened during my pregnancy and there were times when I can't help but be affected. I super thank the Lord because my baby is so strong and brave. She fought battles with me. I know in my heart that she'll grow up to be a woman of strong faith because that's exactly what God wants every woman to be. *lablab baby*

Friday, June 28, 2013

Maternity leave

This coming Monday marks my 37th week of pregnancy. That means that baby Kaitlin has reached full term and will be in very good condition if she decides to go out anytime.:) The coming week is also my last week to work before I go on maternity leave. I super thank the Lord for giving me this 2 mos off from work and focus on my family. I'm so excited to spend time at home and wait for my baby to come out. :))

Drinking Anmum Vanilla Mango while finishing my targets :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

32 Years of Grace

Yesterday, our ministry Couples for Christ celebrated its 32nd anniversary. Thirty two years is BIG but if I would count the times that this ministry has been used by God to bless me, that would be much BIGGER, times the number of people who experienced the same grace I had all those years of being in the ministry.

If I remember it right, I was in Grade 4 (1995) when I joined Kids for Christ. I still have vivid memories of our summer camp and regular gatherings where we always sing:

We belong to Kids for Christ, we're the angels of the Lord
We belong to Jesus Christ, He's the brother of us all.
We will build a bright new world like a paradise...

Then in 1999, I joined Youth for Christ. The experiences I had during those years of being a YFC really molded me to be who I am today.

during one of our PCG meetings at Tito Oca's resort

SEA games?!?

regional SHOUT in Bulalacao, Mindoro

In 2006, I joined Singles for Christ. The spiritual values I've learned from YFC became more mature and equipped me for building my own family.

my birthday bash with SFCs

HH mtg in Calauan

And this year, we finally entered Couples for Christ!

showing our covenant cards after our dedication 

Kaitlin's P&Y Shower

Dear Baby Kaitlin,

You are sooo loved. Your Titas surprised us today with a baby shower for you! I know they were up to something but I wasn't expecting that most of my closest girl friends would be there. It was very fun! Surely you knew that already 'coz you heard mom laughed so hard many times during the party. They also wrote their wishes for you. Sooo sweeet!

I'm so thankful to have such friends. I know when you grow up you'll also find girl friends that you'll treasure as much as I value them.

Here are some of our pics with your lovely Titas:

super chocolatey cupcakes baked by momsi

your Titas TRIED to draw you on paper plates :)

This is Mommy's best friend, your Ninang Ching.
She just gave birth to your future best friend , Sky. :D

These are Mommy's friends since grade school. They made the decors for the party.

These are your Titas from SFC. They were the most behaved guests in the party. hehe.

These Titas are my high school friends.

Our group pic with you!

Of course, Daddy was supportive as ever!

Tita Mariel especially made paper clips as your party's souvenir. Hope you grow up to be as creative as she is!

Tita Mini wrote the funniest wishes for you. :D

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kaitlin's Shower

Yesterday, my officemates surprised me with a baby shower for Kaitlin! It was not a formal party but just like our usual salo-salo with chikahan of course focused on giving birth, breastfeeding, natural vs processed baby food, etc plus Kabang the hero dog. haha. They also compiled letters for Kaitlin, super katouch! I really thank God for my ISAAA family.:)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Are you rich?=Are you loving?

You are so rich in all that you have: in faith, in speech, and knowledge, in your eagerness to help and in your love for us. And we want you to be generous also in this service of love.

I am not laying down any rules. But by showing how eager others are to help, I am trying to find out how real your own love is. 2 Corinthians 8:7-8

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Faith and Me

I watched Con Air last weekend. Though I've watched it several times before, the story never fails to bring me to tears. This time my favorite part was when Cameron told his dying and faithless friend Baby-O that he's gonna show him that God does exist. This was followed by action-filled scenes until the movie came to an end.

A lot of people now proclaim that they (or we, because sometimes I'm one of them too) believe in God's power over situations. However, all we do is pray but don't do our part in the action. Little do we know and acknowledge that God also uses our actions to fulfill His BIG TIME plans.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Parents need discipline too

About a month from now is my due date. Baby Kaitlin is going out soon! So as prep for her arrival, we cleaned and rearranged our room (for the nth time this year). I trashed a sack of old things so Totskie and Kaitlin's things could be accommodated. It took us a whole day to finish! I can't remember the last time I've cleaned so extensively that the tiredness I got kept me awake. Add to that the pain I got from flu vaccine! Nevertheless, the feeling of accomplishing so many things made me feel so grateful to God that I'm still able to do these things on my 8th month of pregnancy.

I won't take all the credit for this, because my husband was of great help. I guess he was my motivation why until now (3 days after cleaning) our room is still as neat as we finished cleaning. This is also one way of disciplining ourselves in prep for our coming baby. 

And as a reward to ourselves, we bought a new LED TV from CDR King! :D
(Hospital bag is also ready for Kaitlin!)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Joyful Jolens

I would just like to dedicate this post to a friend and sister na itatago ko sa pangalang Jolina. :D She's a full-packaged reminder of God's loving kindness. Her life isn't perfect but when you see her she seems to be problem-free.

Yes, she has problems but when she shares about them, you will still feel blessed. Maybe it's just natural for her to bless the souls of the people around her.

Recently she got a "No" (or probably "Wait") answer from God about one of her biggest prayers. But amazingly, though hurt and wounded, she stood up smiling and accepted the Lord's will for her life. And that's not enough for her (di yan maalam magtampo kay God), she even manifested joyful obedience and did what God has been telling her to do for the passed months. And viola! She instantly blessed a bunch of people just by following God's instructions.

Pambihira ka, Jolina. :)