Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Father's delight

Totskie brags about his daddyhood adventures in his first blog ever In Dad's Cradle! Promise, I did not push him to do that. Every day he spends with our princess is just so precious not to share to the world. Hay I'm a proud wifey!:) If you could only see the spark in his eyes whenever he talks about Kaitlin's milestones, then you would have a glimpse of how proud our Father is whenever we please Him.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I've been busy for more than a week because of work. I sleep for only a few hours to reach our target. And tonight I'm gonna sleep with a smile on my face because of this email:

That's an email from our big boss. And minutes after our global coordinator sent another email saying just the same. Wow. Thank You Lord! 

P.S. I just remembered. This is the first year that I did not cry on the first week of media monitoring. :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I used to demand flowers from Totskie during special occasions.:p But after we got married, I decided not to be a nagging wife. Haha. So I just appreciate everything he does for me and Kaitlin. And every time I feel tampurorot mode, I try my best to let the non-nagging side of me to be at the frontline. 

Last Valentine's Day, I honestly did not expect anything from him except for a hug and kiss. I was so busy with work and he was busy taking care of Kaitlin. We just had McDonalds deliver our lunch then I was off to work. When I arrived home, he told me to change my clothes first before nursing Kaitlin, which I usually does naman. So that's the time I expected something. Haha. Then I found 2 bunches of flowers and a Hello Kitty stuff toy on my desk. So I giddily asked him how he squeezed in some time to buy those. He said he left Katy with our maid and drove the bicycle to buy flowers in UP.:)) Hay so sweet. I thank the Lord for this love. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shine Jesus Shine

1. Grocery time. We visit the grocery once or twice a week and we bring Kaitlin with us. She enjoys it so much as if we're hitting a grandiose shopping center eh sa South Supermarket lang naman. Haha.

2. Another milestone: Kaitlin can now do the close-open hand gesture!

3. Prayer time with Totskie and God. Hay precious precious time.

4. Almost done paper. Just have to add conclusions!

5. Time to shine for Jesus. :D

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shake shake shake

1. Sleep. Very precious sleep. With a nursing baby and heavy workload, sleeping brings me to cloud 9.

2. Kaitlin's milestones. She crinkles her nose, smiles a lot, coos longer syllables, and shakes her head. Go baby!

3. Work. This is he busiest month at work and I just thank the Lord that my skills will be honed more.

4. Booked tickets. I'm attending a conference in Cebu and I'm tagging Totskie and Kaitlin along!

5. Family time. 6-9pm is family time. Best part of my day. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


1. We witnessed our dear friend propose marriage to another close friend. *kiligmuch* 

2. Our family attended mass together. It's soooo true that when you have a baby, everything seems complicated and more challenging and that includes going to mass. 

3. Our CFC household. It's been months since we had our household meeting. We are so blessed with the teachings today about marriage and God's promises. And Kaitlin finally met Dylan! We are imagining them to be running the halls by next year.:) Kaitlin also enjoyed worshipping God, especially while we were singing fast songs. 

4. Successfully working on weekends. And waking up in the wee hours of the morning after nursing Kaitlin to continue writing. 

5. Totskie's embrace. Heaven.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Day

1. My SFC sister Mahar and her cutie baby Erica Margaret visited us today. We exchanged notes about mommyhood and did our pratical test on breastfeeding! :D 

2. Got my planner for 2014. It's a Paulo Coelho Sharing Day Planner. My most thoughtful friend Eyna gave it to me as Christmas gift. When she told me about it, I gave away my Starbucks planner. 

3. Fixed our room in preparation for the busiest days of my year. Now my home office is spaceous enough to hold so many papers.

4. Date with Totskie at V lounge. I got a GC from our office as birthday gift and I just used it today. Sarap!

5. Time for work. Now that Katy is asleep, I can start working.;)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Touch Him

1. The story of the woman who touched Jesus' clothes. When I first read about this story ages ago, my life was changed. My view on faith changed. It was originally not in Jesus' plan to heal her but because of her great longing for Jesus, she was healed. And I admire her for that. May I have such longing for God everyday so that each day would be a day of transformation and healing.

2. Had my follow up check up today and the doctor said my breathing sounds ok! I'm (almost) pneumonia-free. I just have to take another medicine for 3 days and I should be perfectly fine. Hay, this episode of unwell really taught me a great lesson on loving myself and protecting my body.

3. I'm going to Vietnam! And I'll be presenting our 3-country study. #bigtime #BIGGOD

4. Writing mode turned on. And so I'm writing the technical paper for that presentation. But I couldn't write continuously in the office because of the many distractions around me. So I'm now writing at the same hours when I finished my thesis. :D Yes, I'm a nocturnal writer.

5. It's Totskie's birthday!!! I thank the Lord for his life, and for more years that we're going to share joyfully together.

my everyday sunshine

Sunday, February 2, 2014


1. More than a week of rest/nursing vacation. I'll be back to work tomorrow.:( I'll surely miss our bonding moments.

2. Coffee date with Totskie. <3 <3 <3 Actually, we brought coffee for take out and had our date while he's driving along slex. 

3. Kaitlin's eye infection is gone!

4. Realizations/God's messages. What are vacations for if you don't get tuned in to Him?

5. Strength to be still.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Loooong weeeek

1. Exactly one week of rest since I was admitted to the hospital. Finished my meds for typhoid today. Feeling good now!
2. New hairdo. ;)
3. Instant driving lessons with Totskie. #faithgoal2014
4. Coming home to Tome's.
5. My very maalaga MIL. She massaged my body while I was resting. Hay heaven is here.