Monday, March 24, 2014

extravagant love

No greater love have I ever known
You considered me a friend
And captured my heart again

going up the mountain

if i had a choice last monday, i would not go to vietnam. it was very heartbreaking to leave kaitlin and totskie. kaitlin is still dependent on me because she's exclusively breastfeeding while totskie has a painful eye infection. but i had to go.

day before that i heard from the mass about Jesus going up to the mountain to pray. in dawned on me that vietnam will be my mountain. i have been very busy with work and with kaitlin that i had less time for myself and for reflection.

i took this time to seek God more. i took this time to feel Him. i took this time to let Him pamper me and be His baby once again.

thank You Lord for loving me this way. You complete US.

my view while writing this post

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I just have to

I'll be leaving for Vietnam tomorrow morning. I'll be leaving my family behind. Kaitlin will have no mommy for 5 days and it breaks my heart. Yes, I'm thankful for my trip. I just have to say that I'll be missing her so much, as well as her daddy. 

dinner date before my trip

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Done done!

Just submitted my last daily report. Grabe napaiyak ako sa galak! God is awesoooome!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


...I'm ALMOST done sending media reports twice a day! I'll be sending my last bidaily report later and I can sleep soundly thereafter. But oh, I have to finish  start my presentation for our Hanoi meeting next week. Can you please count how many pimples I have now?

But then, I still thank God for being with me intimately this passed month. It was the toughest month of the year, and yet I felt God was just beside me. Thank You lang po talaga. Thanks for my job. Thanks for my very appreciative bosses. Thanks for my very supporting husband. Thanks for my bundle of joy named Kaitlin. Thanks for a strong desire that sprung up just last night. Thanks for all these intense feelings of gratitude.

I have to admit that there were days when I did not feel so grateful. Especially during those times that all I wanted to do was embrace Totskie and Kaitlin. But then the Lord kept on reminding me that He's there. That he's never blind or insensitive of what I was going through. His assurance of better days ahead embraced me and held me up to THIS day and moment.

Basta thank You Lord. Thank you. Words aren't enough.

P.S. Read my hubby's blog! I'm a proud wifey.