Sunday, August 31, 2014


Yey our article has been published! Thank You Lord!!! Muah!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Ever since I became a mom, I placed more value for dates and relationships. Basically because most of my time is devoted to Kaitlin, and a little percentage is left for others such as time for leisure or dates with friends. So as much as possible, I set dates during lunch breaks.

For more than a month now, I've been meeting someone every Tuesday lunch. No, we don't dine together but we talk a lot. 

Every Tuesday, I go to church, and meet with God. 

I believe in the value of relationships. I belive in putting value in relationships. My relationship with God is the most important one I've got so the highest value must be put onto it. Thus, I spend time with Him. We bond together.

This Tuesday is a challenging one. It's raining and I just had my period (after almost 2 years). Going to work was a struggle, and even going out to walk towards the church. It was very tempting to say, "God, pass muna ako." But it felt sweeter to push thru. And so now I'm on my way to my date with Him. I know it's gonna be worth it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Katy's Healer

Katy has been sick for 5 days now. For the first 3 days, she was her usual jolly and playful self. Until yesterday, she looked lethargic so I decided to bring her to the doctor for check up. The pedia said that if there's no progress after 2 days of medication for cough and colds, she has to take antibiotics. We did not notice progress yesterday, but when she woke up this morning, our jolly Katy is back! Praise and glory to my baby's Healer! Thank You Lord for hearing our prayers. Now we don't have to give her antibiotics.:)) 

PS Thank You Lord for the long weekend! I had more time to cuddle and nurse my baby. :)

I'm back

I know. I have not posted anything for more than a month. So many things have happened including Glenda, Kaitlin's birthday, and office deadlines. But now I'm back with full pack of blessings on my hands. Here are just some of them:
• Katy is already 1 year and 1 month old! Time flies sooo fast. But if I would recall the details of the past year, I would say that everything has been grace. Kaloka pala maging mommy! Yet very rewarding. Until now I still can't believe I have Kaitlin.  I would give all the credit to my God who have been planning and working on this beautiful blessing all along. 

• Life after Glenda. It was the most fierce typhoon I've ever experienced my whole life. Though we were not affected ala-Yolanda level, I could still consider that it was a bad hit. Our office was closed for 5 days, there was no water for almost a week, our electricity was cut off for 3 weeks, and our internet connection was gone for almost a month. It could have been easy to handle such issues if Kaitlin was not in the picture. But because we want her comfortable as much as possoble, we had to deal with the issues. We went sleeping to different places (our in-laws' house in Binan, Totskie's relatives in Binan, my brother's house and even at City of Springs). 

After 2 weeks of transferring from place to place,  we finally decided that we stay in Binan until power was restored. I had to commute from Binan to LB and back and this gave me only ~3hrs left a day with Kaitlin. I would usually leave when she's still sleeping and would arrive when it's almost her sleeping time. The busy schedule also lowered my body defenses against sickness so I got sick by the end of that week. But the best part of that phase was that I had more time with God. I enjoyed every moment of my me-time with God. He revealed Himself to me in a different light.

• Preparing for the move out. I've been praying for months that God would enable us to live on our own. It's the best setup up for all married couples. My mom has already given us her blessing as well as our old sala set. Haha.

• Getaway with friends. Day before Carla's wedding, we stayed at Casa San Pablo. It was our family's first getaway with my high school barkada. Ang saya!

That would be all for now. Thank You Lord for holding me tight!