Thursday, December 11, 2014

Memory Full

One month after I gave birth,  we went to the hospital for my baby's check up. While we were waiting outside the pedia's clinic, a man walked in front of us and greeted me with a wide smile. I knew during that moment that I know him personally but I could not recall who he is. It was as if I had slight amnesia. Good thing he went to the other clinic and did not speak to me.

I turned to my husband and asked him, "Kilala mo 'yun?". He said no. I asked him if he was at least familiar to him. He still said no. And so I tried my best to recall, but to no avail.

A few minutes later, He-who-i-cannot-name Kuya sat beside me and said, "Baby mo?" 

I said yes, and looked intently at his clothes to search for clues about his identity.

He looked at my husband and asked,
"Asawa mo? Ruralite din ba siya?" 

*Ting!* I knew then the answer! He was our school's security guard.

Moments like that happened several times since I got pregnant, and much more after I gave birth. It could be due to the anaesthesia for my C-section. I also read in an article that pregnant women and new mothers tend to be forgetful because so many things are happening to them that they give so little attention for the unimportant ones. 

Our memories are like camera phones. When we are notified that there's no more space to save new pictures, we delete the insignificant images but keep the precious ones. And that is what God is calling us to do everyday. Leave behind the irrelevant part of our past, and treasure the best moments. Trash out all the regrets and resentments, but keep the lessons you've learned. Never mind how bad you fell, but hold on to the memory of God holding you tight in that moment. And never forget that, because He is still holding you now just the same, and will forever be loving you like that.

I remember the days of old; I meditate on all that you have done; I ponder the work of your hands. Psalm 143:5

(Published in Feast Binan Bulletin December 13, 2015)