Sunday, September 20, 2015

God's promise: greening up

Totskie and I just celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. Let's add 5 years of being bf/gf and 2 years of friendship. WOW. Total 10 years of love and grace. Thank you soooo much, Lord!

And God is now promising us MORE. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Not without pain but without stain

I've been worried about our finances lately. We have not yet received our salary increase for the year and our family expenses are expanding. I'm also doubting if we'll achieve the required savings for our 2nd baby's delivery if ever I go thru CS again. So many things are inside my head until God's voice became louder enough for me to quit worrying. I humbled myself before God. He reminded me that we are not yet at the destination. We are still at the early phase of our marriage so we just started the journey. I acknowledged the simple life that God has been teaching me thru The Feast-a life focused on Him with less distractions. I asked God to take hold of our finances again, especially our debts and future bills. I know that He won't leave us unattended. I am a parent, and I know well how much a mother wants to give the best for her children. God feels the same way. God wants the best for me. 

This quote from CS Lewis just nailed all my thoughts about our finances: