Friday, February 26, 2016

One month

My baby love turns one month old today! I praise and thank God for healing her, for providing for her needs, and for keeping me sane these days. Karis is a good girl, doesn't cry so much, and easier to take care of compared to other newborns...this is exactly what I've prayed for about her. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gratitude Adjusts Attitude

(photo from Proverbs 31 FB page)

26. my high school barkada/mommy support group. we are so active in viber because most of us are new moms. we exchange experiences and consult concerns. so blessed to have these girls 24/7 especially while battling baby blues! 

27. gestational hypertension. i was diagnosed with such post-partum. my average bp is high since i was in labor. it was a wake up call to change my lifestyle. we ate more healthful food. i also try my best to control my emotions, which is the harder part. i always remind myself not to let negative emotions linger or else.

28. sun life. we've learned a lot about finance since totskie became a financial advisor. i believe that these new learnings will also change our attitude about money and end up having healthier wealth management.

29. my mom baked my fave pastry bar-white choco brownies! so sweet! 

30. my helpful hubby. i don't demand so much from him in terms of taking care of karis because he's working and when he's not, he plays with katy. but still, he offers to carry karis while i eat or nap. last night, i needed to have several trips to the rest room due to upset stomach. so i woke him up to look after karis. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016


26. new challenge for Totskie (new quota)
27. restored friendship
28. katy's improved speech
29. jadine (lels)
30. my mom's pastries

Baby Love

My love for Karis keeps on growing and growing each day. When I was about to give birth, I was too worried about how would Katy feel when Karis comes out, and that my excitement for having another baby was quite lower that the first time I was pregnant. But now, my heart aches with affection when I stare at Karis. She's truly heaven-sent!

Living in Love

Yesterday, our neighbors was shouting with so much vengence and hate towards her daughter-in-law. She was so angry that she was shouting on top of her lungs and was nearly hysterical. Really. I'm not exaggerating. Such scenario is happening almost every day in their house. There are times when the father curses his children for petty reasons. And I pity them. Their house is so full of hatred. Every time I hear them like this, I also feel bad about them. But yesterday, I gave up that feeling. I turned on Spotify, played worship songs and maxed out the volume of my phone. I chose to fill our home with love. 

Living in love is now my new calling. Whenever Katy would disobey me (which is common at her age), I remind myself to choose love. Whenever Totskie would fail to make me feel loved, I avenge myself by expressing my love more than usual. I admit that it's a hard calling but I know that God has enabled me to do it because He fills me with so much love. 

"God is love. When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and God lives in us. This way, love has the run of the house, becomes at home and mature in us, so that we’re free of worry on Judgment Day—our standing in the world is identical with Christ’s. There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life—fear of death, fear of judgment—is one not yet fully formed in love."

1 John 4:18 MSG

Friday, February 19, 2016

On the Wings of Lurve

21. easier breastfeeding with karis 
22. siesta
23. surprise visit from family
24. Totskie's new haircut *kilig*
25. otwol. yehehes!

Thursday, February 18, 2016


I was reading the story of Courageous Caitie, a 3yo kid battling rare disease. She's going thru a lot of tests and pains and I couldn't imagine how these resonate to her parents' hearts. When Karis was born sick, I cried so much just watching the nurses insert heplock on her hands and feet. What more pain for them who have to endure watching their daughter face an unknown disease? However, they make the story simple. They believe that God is in full control of the situation. 

This led me to create a PUSH (pray until something happens) list and Caitie is written on it. 

On a lighter note, I just wrote everything I want in the list, including new milk bottles for Katy. 😉 Because God asks for what I want, I answered Him. Lord ha. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

back to the list

16. sleep. yes, i'm sleep-deprived yet i still get to sleep. :) that's a whole lot better that not being able to sleep at all.

17. our house. i feel so comfy here more than any place.

18. new helper. finally! answered prayer it is. 

19. a month off from work. and still getting paid. ;p 

20. my dream to be a better writer. and getting better pay. wehehe.

My dependable love*

Giving birth is never easy. Post-partum is equally challenging. I've been emotional lately about everything. And this led me to realizing that the Lord is just beside me, holding my hand in every struggle that I face. He's the only One I can depend on and will never ever let me down. 

*And me? I’m singing your prowess, shouting at cockcrow your largesse, For you’ve been a safe place for me, a good place to hide. Strong God, I’m watching you do it, I can always count on you— God, my dependable love.

Psalm 59:16-17 MSG