Tuesday, July 19, 2016

This morning

This morning is similar with all the previous mornings since we had Karis and no yaya. The sun shone, and we were already up but trying to bribe Karis with toys so we can still close our eyes for a few minutes. Thanks, Karis. Then in the next few minutes we were up and Karis used that time to poop. Katy woke up crying. She also felt her poop coming. We went downstairs and I checked their temperature because they've been sick for days. Both have fever. Oh my.

Fast forward to about an hour (I cleaned them, I put Karis to sleep, Daddy bought breakfast and cooked, Daddy fed Katy, I fixed the laundry, I took a bath, kids took meds), Katy vomited while taking his fourth cup of medicine. Karis pooped again and it leaked on her panties and my office clothes. Lord, please have mercy.

With all these happenings, I couldn't say "Thank You, Lord" easily. But I searched God's face in my head and told Him, "You know what's happening. Please take control."

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

So many things

...happened...are happening...will happen. Sometimes it feels like I need to catch my breath.

We just moved in to another house. We still don't have babysitter. Katy was sick. I've got a paper to finish. I will be out of the country for five days, which will be the first time that Karis won't have her mommy beside her at night. *Inhale. Exhale.*

Lord, You are in control. Please take the lead. 

My kids place me back to sanity. Their love reminds me to just keep on moving forward and love.