Friday, October 7, 2016

Girly Date

Totskie was out for work the whole day so Katy had to stay with me in the office after her class. I decided to turn this day to be our girly date. And it has been a memorable day.

We ate lunch in the coffee shop, right beside the fish pond. We shared a plate of chicken alfredo. I shared the garlic bread with the fish. She had fun throwing bread crumbs on the pond while we were eating. 

Then she said she wanted strawberry or violet ice cream. We went to the cafeteria to look for ice cream but before she saw the freezer, she found Yakult. I got a cone of ice cream. When we sat to dine, she saw my ice cream and ate it. She drank Yakult in between bites. 

After work, we rode the tricyle and she said, "This is so much fun!" I told her that the vehicle is called a space rocket. She has been asking me to make her ride one after she saw a space rocket in Peppa Pig.

We went to my mom's house where Karis and Alika were waiting for us. They played together. I turned on the music and played nursery rhymes and the likes. We started rocking out singing on top of our lungs with so much glee. Yes, I was having fun too! I wanted to capture the moment using my phone but just decided to enjoy every minute with them. 

She has some tantrums before falling asleep because she was too tired. Now she's sleeping on my chest and I'm savoring the precious moments we had today. I look forward to more girly dates with her and Karis.

Thank You Lord, I'm Katy and Karis' mom.