Monday, January 23, 2017

Glimpse of fullness

Several years ago, I met two blind persons in Bahay Pag-ibig, a home for the aged. 

The first one is Ate Chat. Her eyes got stabbed while his husband was maltreating her. She prayed for the Lord’s guidance and left their home with just 20 pesos in her pocket. After some months in DSWD, she found a home in Bahay Pag-ibig. There she found God and fell in love with Him.

I was really amazed at how she talks and does things for herself. She made me feel that she CAN see. She told me how God inspires her every day. While holding hands, we prayed together a prayer taught to her by God in her dream. Ate Chat taught me to seek God even in the dark.

In the next room, I met a smiling shy man named Kuya Teody. He looks 10 years younger than Ate Chat. Unlike Ate Chat, Kuya Teody is partially blind. He could still see light and shadows. He said the doctors told him he could still see if he could find someone to sponsor his treatment. He got blind because of an accident in his workplace. When he was hospitalized for several days, his wife left him and never came back. While he was telling his story, I felt his pain and struggle between hope and misery. 

We also talked about God, but not as much as Ate Chat and I did. I’m not comparing who’s closer to God. I believe that Ate Chat just found the light first and soon I know Kuya Teody will, maybe through a sponsor or by embracing peace what his relationship with the Lord is offering. 

The story of Ate Chat and Kuya Teody reminds me to value life. May I be like Kuya Teody who keeps hoping for the best. May I be like Ate Chat who trusts God in her every step. Like them, I will look forward to the day when I will see my God eye-to-eye and face-to-face.

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