Saturday, April 15, 2017

Katy's unconditional love for Jesus

It's another meaningful Holy Week for me. This year, I saw Jesus' suffering through the eyes of my 3-yr old daughter, Katy. 

During one of the talks in the Kerygma Lenten Recollection, the speaker showed a clip from The Passion of the Christ. I looked at Katy and observed how she would react to the video. She was just quiet so I thought she did not understand. A few seconds after the video was shown, I saw Katy's tears fall down. I asked her why and she said, "Ayaw ko hurt si Jesus." We hugged her right away and told her that Jesus is OK now. But she continued to weep. I told her that Jesus had to get hurt so all the bad that we did will be erased and that we'll all be good. It was a failed attempt to pacify and teach her a lesson because she continued crying for Jesus. Her daddy then intervened and took her out for some chocolate treat. 

Many times during the day, she recalled Jesus' passion, probably because of the big picture of Jesus hanging on our wall. I asked help from other mommy friends on how to explain things to her. One of our ninangs told me to say something like this: Jesus was a teacher before. He taught good things to people but some of them thought that he was bad. So they hurt Him until He died. But because He's the son of God, he became alive again after three days. Now, He's healed and happy loving and watching over us.

After hearing this, Katy finally said she's now happy for Jesus. 

I realized that Katy's love for Jesus is pure and unconditional. She does not care if Jesus suffered for her. All she wanted was to love Jesus and for Him to ne OK and happy. I wish I have the same heart as hers.